Charo Sendín

"Fascination by the instant"

Early on, I was fascinated by photography, by the power of the magic of capturing a moment in an imperishable image, a moment that hardly will be repeated.

Photography transported me, led me to discover places and now has led me to know people.

I prefer natural photographs, fresh, honest, unposed, which capture the moment and show us the eternal power of love, the complicity of the couple and their emotion.

I live in Madrid but love to travel, so if you like our work, do not hesitate to ask for a budget, wherever you are.


Mario Rodríguez

"Passion for portrait"

I am a photographer of Madrid born in Bad Buchau (Germany).

I love photography in its broadest conception, whether showing people, cities and landscapes.

But what caught me without any doubt is to take portraits: trying to capture in a single image the magic that comes from each of us, a look and a gesture that make each portrait unique.

I enjoy knowing people and creating something different with them, playing with the lights, movement and subtlety of shades that provides white and black photography.

I try to bring art photography to wedding images, creating an original and far from the usual standards reportage.


(*) Currently we do not make photographic reports. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Contact us at +34 691 243 662 or info@fotoyluz.com (www.fotoyluz.com)




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